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ECG Simulator

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Brand Name︰ECG Simulator
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Product Description

Patient simulator provides ECG and respiration signal (optional) simulations, can be used for testing, inspection and maintenance of machines and ECG monitors, the majority of medical equipment production and maintenance personnel a powerful tool.

Patient simulator using the world's most advanced integrated circuit designed, small size, light weight, only 280g, easy to carry.

1, 10 universal ECG connector can be used with a variety of ECG machine and monitor connections
2, 12-lead output
3, three kinds of ECG waveform selection
4, square wave: 1Hz
5, sinus: 60 BPM
6, sinus: 100 BPM
7, respiratory signal simulation (optional)
8, power design, two AA batteries, can be used continuously for more than 240 hours
9, low battery voice prompt
10, automatic shutdown function
11, the operation is simple and convenient
12, easy to carry
1, respiratory rate: 20 BrPM (only 60BPM time)

2, breathing lead: LA or between LL and RA
Power: AA * 2
Size / Weight: 152mm x 83mm x32mm / 280g
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ECG Simulator
ECG Simulator

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