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Nellcor Adult silicone soft tip Spo2 sensor

Model No.︰-
Brand Name︰Nellcor
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Description: Nellcor Adult silicone soft tip Spo2 sensor, L=0.9M&2.7M

Connector Guide: DB9 male- 7pins

Connector Guide:DB9pin male

Compatible with: 

  • Artema S&W Anesthetic, Athena 9050 (Nellcor tech), Athena 9060 (Nellcor tech), Diascope DSNT (Nellcor tech), Diascope NT (Nellcor tech), Diascope Neonatal, Diascope Traveller+
    Baxter Explorer, Monarch
    Colin BP-306, BP-508, BP-808, BP-88 (serial numbers not starting by 32, 42, 52 or 62), BP-88 (serial numbers starting by 32, 42, 52 or 62)
    Dräger Delta XL (Nellcor tech), Evita 4 (Nellcor tech), Gamma XXL (Nellcor tech), Gamma/Gamma XL (Nellcor tech), Julian, Kappa (Nellcor tech), MicrO2+ (Nellcor tech), Narkomed, PB 8800 (Nellcor tech), PM8040 (Nellcor tech), PM8050 (Nellcor tech), Vamos (Nellcor tech)
    Edan F9 EXPRESS, H100B, M3, M3B, M8A, M8B, M9, M9A, iM50, iM60, iM70, iM80
    Edentec 9500E
    Fukuda Denshi DS-5100E Dynascope, DS-5300W, HG302
    GE Corometrics 118, 120, 510, 511, 556
    GE Critikon Dinamap Compact, Dinamap Compact TS, Dinamap MPS Select, Dinamap MPS Select Portable, Dinamap Pro 1000, Dinamap Pro 300, Dinamap Pro 400, Dinamap+ 9700
    GE Hellige Cardioserv (Nellcor tech), Vicom (Nellcor tech)
    GE Marquette DASH (Nellcor tech), Eagle 1000, Eagle 3000 (Nellcor tech), Eagle 3100 (Nellcor tech), Eagle 4000 (Nellcor tech), Eagle 4000N (Nellcor tech), Solar 8000 (Nellcor tech), Solar 9000 (Nellcor tech), TRAM 451N (Nellcor OxySmart XL tech), TRAM 851N (Nellcor OxySmart XL tech), TRAM x50 (Nellcor tech)
    Innomed Innocare T (Nellcor tech), Oxycard (Nellcor tech)
    Ivy Biomed 405A, 405D, 405P, 405T
    MDE Escort 300A, Escort I 100 Opt.11A, Escort II + 100, Escort II 300, Type 20300, 20401, 20403
    MEK MP700 PAMO I (Nellcor tech), MP800 PAMO II (Nellcor tech), MP800C PAMO III
    MRL PIC 40, PIC 50
    Mediana YM2002 ENS
    Mennen Envoy, Horizon 1100XL, Horizon 2000XL, Horizon XL, Mercur 1200
    Mindray PM-50 (Nellcor tech), PM-509B redel 6 pin 40° (Nellcor tech), PM-60 (Nellcor tech), PM-600 (Nellcor tech), PM-7000 (Nellcor tech), PM-8000 (Nellcor tech), PM-9000/512A redel 6 pin (Nellcor tech)
    Nellcor N-100 (5button), N-180, N-180E, N-185, N-190, N-195, N-20, N-200, N-20PA, N-290, N-295, N-3000 Symphony, N-395, N-40, N-6000, N-6000 Ultra Cap, N-75
    Nihon Kohden AL-900PA, BSM-1102 (Nellcor tech), BSM-4104A, BSM-4114A, BSM-9510J/K (Nellcor tech), OGS-2000 (Nellcor tech)
    Philips Hewlett Packard A1 Series, A3 Series, C1 Monitors, CMS Omnicare (firmware E or later only), Codemaster 100, Codemaster XL, Codemaster XL+, HeartStart 4000, HeartStart MRx, HeartStart XL, HeartStart XLT, HeartStream, M1020A SpO2 module, M1350B, M2601A Telemetry, M3046A Viridia M3, M3046A Viridia M4, M3921A, M3923A, M3925A, M3926A, M3927A, M3928A, M3929A, M3966A, Merlin Viridia 24, Viridia Series 50XM, Viridia Series 50XMO
    Physio Control Medtroni LifePak 12 (Nellcor tech)
    S&W Simonsen & Wheel Athena 9050 (Nellcor tech), Athena 9060 (Nellcor tech), Diascope DSNT (Nellcor tech), Diascope NT (Nellcor tech)
    Schiller TM7
    Siemens 1416CS, MicrO2, SA2, SC6000, SC9000, Sirecust 1200 series, Sirecust 1281, Sirecust 1481T, Sirecust 400 series, Sirecust 700 series, Sirecust 900 series
    Spacelabs 90351-D/G (Nellcor tech), 90465 (Nellcor tech), 90466 (Nellcor tech), 90467 (Nellco tech), 90489 (Nellcor tech), 90496 Ultraview (Nellcor tech)
    Welch Allyn Atlas 52NOO, Atlas 52NOP, Atlas 52NTO, Atlas 52NTP, Atlas 62xN, Propaq 102EL, Propaq 104EL, Propaq 106EL

  • OEM Reference(s)

    Edan 02.01.210122
    Philips Hewlett Packard M1191T

Technical Specifications:

LED Red 660nm normal
LED Wavelength 660nm/905nm
Text Range Oxygen Saturation(%SpO2) 0% to 100%
Pulse Rate(bpm) 30 to 245
Accuracy SpO2 ±1%(90~100%)
±3%(below 70%)
Pulse Rate ±2bpm(30-250bpm)
Storage and Transport Environment -10ºC~+40ºC
Operating Temperature ±5ºC~+40ºC
Operating/Storage/Transportation Humidity 0%-80%
Hyperbaric Pressure 86kPa-106kPa

All type sensors:

P/N Description Instrument Connector
MPS043A  Nellcor adult finger clip spo2 sensor,3ft Compatible Mediana dB9 Oximax SpO2 Sensor, 10FT
MPS043B Nellcor adult soft tip spo2 sensor,3ft
MPS043C Nellcor pediatric finger clip spo2 sensor,3ft
MPS043D Nellcor pediatric soft tip spo2 sensor,3ft
MPS043E Nellcor neonate wrap spo2 sensor,3ft
MPS043F Nellcor adult ear clip Spo2 sensor.3ft
MPS043G Nellcor animal tongue Spo2 sensor,3ft
MPS043H Nellcor Multi-site Y type spo2 sensor,3ft
MPS043I Nellcor Infant soft tip spo2 sensor, 3ft
MPS043J Nellcor Multi-site Y type with foam spo2 sensor,3ft
MPS043K Nellcor Multi-site clip spo2 sensor,3ft

Compatible Mediana dB9 Oximax SpO2 Sensor, 10FT
Transportation Methods:
Compatible Mediana dB9 Oximax SpO2 Sensor, 10FT

1, Reusable spo2 sensors are carried 12 months warranty to repair for free due to the quality problems since  ex-factory;
2, ECG cable and leadwires, spo2 adapter cable, EKG cable are carried 6 months for free (excluding disposable spo2 sensor), but including the misuse, negligence or accidents causing from the buyer.

     For all warranty return items, prior authorization to return merchandise must be obtained by contacting SZMEDPLUS. If the items are not covered under warranty, customer is responsible for all shipping fee 25%  restocking fee.

Contact information:
Company:Shenzhen Medplus Accessory Co.,LTD
Contact: Jenie Wei
Phone: 86-13714703514  

Payment Terms︰T/T
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